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The YB can make any car fast, but when that car is a stripped out Mk2 Fiesta, the results are astonishing. Could this month’s cover car be the best Mk2 ever? Quite possibly! We’ve also had a play with the new M-Sport Transit, a load-lugger like no other. Ford’s Life invited us down to their rolling road day at AmD, our Puma gets ICE, our ST gets new wheels and a lucky winner gets new suspension. Then of course there are the new products, your cars, the icons, the legends and lots, lots more. Don’t miss out! Pick it up in stores today or click the link below to pay via PayPal.

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Ed’s Letter Issue #259


Where the hell have the last four weeks gone? Seriously, we blinked and then BOOM, here we are. Still, not to worry because despite time vanishing from under our noses, we’ve still managed to bring you another cracking issue of your favourite Ford magazine, filled to the brim with great features as ever.

PF_259_Ed's Letter-2So, what have we got? Well, for starters there’s Dan Judd’s utterly incredible YB Mk2 Fiesta. We saw this at Fiesta In The Park and quite frankly, we fell in love with it. The notion of putting a YB is mad enough, but to do it with such precision and awe inspiring levels of detail is on another level, as the feature over on page 14 will confirm.

We’ve also got lots more going on, too. There’s a blinding Focus ST that wins awards aplenty, yet it’s used as a daily driver. We had a play in the new M-Sport Transit, which you can also buy. We sent James off to Goodwood to mingle with the likes of Kenny from the Block while Ford wheeled out the new Focus RS and as ever, we’ve got plenty of tech for those of you who like being on the spanners. Basically, we’ve got something for everyone.

Finally, I’d just like to say hello and welcome to any new readers out there who have taken us up on our hugely successful three issues for £5 deal, so, er, hello! And of course, a continued welcome to those who are long-term readers. If you’ve not yet signed up to the deal, there’s still time. Just head over to our website for more details. Anyway, that’s enough from me, it’s sunny and I need a beer! Enjoy the issue.

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