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In probably our most exciting issue ever, we talk to Ken Block about pretty much everything! Cars, Fords and being way too cool. There’s a distinct American theme here, and boy do we run with it! There’s a full report from SEMA 2015, with so many shiny Fords. Also, we’ve got a damn tasty Saleen Mustang in all its V8 glory. All this and so much mure! How to fit intercoolers, an in depth look at the turbo and an interview with Stephen Harper – designer of the Escos. Pick it up in stores today or click the link below to pay via PayPal.

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Ed’s Letter Issue #263

Yeah, we’ve got Ken Block on the cover this month, we’re a pretty big deal! Actually, this magnificence came care of the tenacious nature of work-maker and spanner-spinner, Jim. He somehow managed to get a 45 min sit down with Kenny of the Block and used the opportunity to ask all the stuff the most other journos have been afraid to. Because Jim is a cuddly love-monkey of a man, Ken was happy to answer, and as such, we have one of the most in-depth interviews ever. Want to know his likes, his outlook, his story, his thoughts on what happened in the WRC? We have it all. Oh, and some pics of his Fords, too!

PF_263_003 copyOther than that, we have, in honour of Mr Block, gone with a slightly American theme. As such, there’s a Saleen Mustang to whet your whistle along with a full show report from the mind-bogglingly massive SEMA show over in Las Vegas.

Don’t get homesick though, there’s UK stuff, too. There’s a report from our track day at Brands Hatch, we follow the progress of UK racer, Tom Onslow-Cole in the RX Lites championship, there’s a guide to buying from auction and lots, lots more.

Now, we’ve got to get cracking on the Janu… WHEN THE HELL DID THAT


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