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Continuing with our new look and new team, the June issue doesn’t disappoint. Gracing the cover this issue we’ve got three cars with well over 1000bhp between them, there’s a smart Mk3 Escort Estate with some tasteful mods and a Fiesta that thinks its a Stormtrooper. We’ve got a look behind the scenes at a BTCC race day, a thorough run down on the Sierra RS Cosworth and in-depth technical features on coil-overs, transmissions and Duratec motors. All this and our much, much more! Pick it up in stores today or click the link below to pay via PayPal.
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Ed’s Letter Issue #257

What a month that has been. Not only have we been drinking in all the lovely feedback about our first re-launch issue (thanks for the kind words, you lovely people!), we’ve also been working our fingers to the bone in the name of producing another tip-top issue for you to read.

So, what have we got? Quite a lot actually. First of all we’ve got the cover cars, all owned by one very lucky man. He’s not about to put his money on the mattress in the bank safe though, instead choosing to invest in Fords that are only set to go up in value, including the 16th Rouse Sport Sapphire Cosworth ever built. The other bonus is that you can drive cars, you can’t drive a £20 note.

After that wLayout 1e’ve got a Mk3 Escort with a twist. Okay, so it’s no powerhouse, but it is a perfect example of what can be done with a bit of grit, determination and desire to see a project through, no matter how difficult it may be.

We spent a day at the races this month, too. We weren’t looking out for Red Rum – the horses were all from tuned engines care of the British Touring Car Championship. We basically spent the day getting in the way, attempting to flirt with grid girls, and watching our favourite motorsport. Luckily though, we seemed to get a decent story out of it.

Other than that we have a whole host of tech, shows and coverage from our fleet of motors. It’s all go, it’s jam-packed and it’s not to be missed! Enjoy the issue, and if you want to say hello, drop us a line via the email addresses to the left, or via our facebook page.

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