Here’s Why The Ford Mustang Is Still Number One Today


The Ford Mustang has a bold American style that has kept it alive in the hearts of car lovers for over 40 years. The Mustang brings back many memories of their owners of cruising town on a Friday night. The Mustang appeals to people of all ages and is one of the greatest automotive sales success stories of all times. Mustang is still one of the hottest-selling cars in America today. Nearly one out of every two sports cars sold in America is a Ford Mustang.

The short rear deck and the signature long hood has been the Mustang’s trade-mark since the 1960’s. Her other classic designs are the galloping horse badge in the center of the grill, C-scoops in the sides and the three-element tail lamps all add to the well known pony’s look and style.

The Ford Mustang is pure American muscle and has always been respected as a pony car that has never gone out of style or demand. She has always had striking features and a more adventurous and sporty look than her competition.

The Mustang has always been a top choice for drivers seeking performance, good looks and a reasonable price. The history of the Mustang is fascinating as this is the car that changed the look of the American sports car forever.

Back in 1961, Lee Iacocca was the general manager and head of the Ford division. Lee had a dream to create an affordable, small sporty car that would appeal to the baby boomer market. His vision turned out to be the Ford Mustang, also known as the pony car. In 1964 on April 16th, the first Mustangs were sold with sales of 22,000 on the first day. Ever since then it has been one of the most recognized cars on the road in history. Even though it has gone through many changes over the years, it has always remained true to the sports car image.

The Beginning: 1964

Originally the Mustang was a two-seater, but when the first production models came out they had seating for four. During the first 1 1/2 years of Fords production they sold more than one million Mustangs at a suggested retail price of $2,368.

In The 2000s:

The new Mustangs of the 2000s actually look more like the original 1964 models. In Ford’s 2010 production year, there have been over nine million Mustangs sold since that first day in 1964.

Ford’s “Pony Car” has become an American favorite, and is the only muscle car today that has enjoyed over 45 years of continuous production and sales. It is now in its ninth generation of improvements and continues to hold a special place in the heart of car lovers around the world.

If you are an adventure seeking car owner who likes a fast ride and a sporty look, then you’ll love the Mustang.

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